in all things.

Gratitude is the main character trait of those with quality lives.

Nothing is more attractive, more inspiring, and more contagious than those that live a life of thanks.
Just reading that sentence im sure you can already think of several people in your life that fit such a description. They’re the people with the most joy, that get offended the least, and are the quickest to serve another.

They stick out like a sore thumb. Marked by something greater than just being the person that’s nice, but are clothed in a nature that comes from another place.

They don’t need a tragedy to mark their lives or a holiday on a calendar to teach them what to be grateful for…Because the leaves that change hues with the turning of a season and the air-filled with the scent of burning firewood triggers fond memories, and something as simple as a ‘thank you’, all has a way of holding a heavy weight of lasting value to them.

I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re the ones that remember what they have, and mostly, how they don’t deserve it.
Entitlement to wealth, health, and happiness is foreign and unnatural because those who live a life of thanks realize the gift that is life and all that unfolds within it.

This thanksgiving day I want to slow down, take a long deep breath, and not only be intentional in recognizing all the miraculous and beautiful around me, but be active and vocal in my gratitude and thanks of it.

I hope on this day we would squeeze out every ounce of lasting joy from the moments we share with those we love, and that we would see in all things, the immeasurable kindness of a loving God who willingly gives us what we have not earned and will never deserve.

We have so much to be thankful for.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.


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