find the gold.

I can easily forget that people are valuable and I don’t just mean in a relational way, although I can forget that too.
I’m talking about real meaningful value:: the gold and worth that are hidden in the hearts and personalities of everyone walking around

The issue is that our propensity and natural bent is to always be consumed with self and how we’re projecting or being received. So we walk into a room full of people and think they’re just bodies taking up space and oxygen. Using up our words and sucking up our time and energy and we forget that there is something on the inside… maybe its deeper down for some, but regardless, there is something of deep and meaningful value within them.
And that value may look like someone with kind words, or positive attitudes or helpful hands.. the shape matters not, because the worth is still great.

It may take a little digging and our hands may get a little dirty, and we’ll have to stop thinking about ourselves for a few moments, but I’m determined that there is gold waiting to be discovered in everyone around us. I mean, everyone.

I think about how God says that he would leave the 99 just for the 1 (Matthew 18). and I know He desires that none would perish, but I also know that He created and fashioned us in His image and likeness and He knows more than anyone, the immense value and gold that is hidden in the heart of the 1, just as He sees in the 99.

I don’t know that I’ll ever truly see people the way He does. But if I can slow down enough to recognize and call out the good in another.. well, I think that’s a great place to start.

I say we dig deeper.
and look harder.
and care enough to find the gold in someone else.

Then let’s take it a step further and remind them of their worth and value. Not because it’s the good and moral thing to do, but rather, we know how meaningful it is to have someone take the time to dig and uncover something of value in us.

gold that is hidden needs to be found.


2 thoughts on “find the gold.

  1. Great word and challenge! It’s too easy to give up and label someone as not having value because it would take too much effort and time to see beyond the surface. The lens you are calling us to see through is what enabled Jesus to see the widow, diseased, prostitute, lame, and demon possessed as people of worth. Thanks for the reminder and challenge.

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