the wonder of it all.

today is the day that families come together. they attended church in dressier clothes than usual, typically in a pastel shade, and remember what Christ has done. how He defeated death and made us alive in Him. how He defied a lot of odds and fulfilled a lot of promises that day. its an astonishing and moving reality if you choose to feel it.

i think we can all agree that there’s something special about Easter services, much like christmas. maybe because there’s extra care and detail put into the planning. or maybe because your friend or relative wouldn’t attend with you otherwise. perhaps holidays hold their own bit of magic.. or maybe there’s something greater going on.

and i choose to believe the latter.

i think easter (and christmas) services are so special because they’re times when we finally slow down long enough to look at Him. i mean really look at Him. because i think when do, it can’t do anything other than change us. when we remember who Christ is, what He did for us, and who we are because of Him… we are filled with wonder again. and those who don’t know him, realize they can’t live without him. and those who do know him, are stunned by his love and grateful to be a part of his grand story.

we are filled with wonder again.

this weekend i stood on a stage 6 times and sung songs that spoke about truths I’ve only begin to scratch the surface of owning. we read passages of scripture on events that changed the face of humanity and the weight of those words haven’t sunk down deep enough. but i looked at Him. and was stunned by the beauty i saw.

if there’s anything i fear most, its being numb. because losing the power of sensation means i’ve lost it.
lost the wonder of this new life in Christ i’ve miraculously been invited into.

this easter has been special and moving for many, i hope. but monday will be here tomorrow. and the routine of life will set in quick enough. but the pursuit of wonder has just begun.

keep looking at Him. and when you feel like you’re losing the wonder Christ, look at Him again. you’ll be reminded

of love you so terribly dont deserve. a love that was demonstrated by the relentless pursuit of a man who took on flesh, lived a sinless life and died a gruesome sinners death. and was raised from the grave to mercifully unite perfect and imperfect together.
i hope tomorrow you look at Him with the same wonder that you did today. and every day after that.
“Just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” – Romans 6:8

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