About Me


A simple hello, the meaningful and engaging kind, is a warm door. One opening into another’s world. Their story unfolding before you. As our footprint leaves its impression behind, it can’t help but reveal where we’ve been, the weights pulled and distance traveled. Our stories are not always pretty and neat, often times more messy and interrupted than romantic and fairytale. All the while, with every imperfection and miscalculation, a beautiful expression is being formed. Grace lifting to unending, redemptive heights.
Our story should be told. Some in word, some in deed. That is my aim.

So hi there, my name is Sarah and here is my story unfolding with all its imperfections. One humbly weaving interests and desires, passion, hope and dreams into a stream of living, a reach for as much as I can grab and as far as I can leap. The short of it, I am a reader, writer and lover of all things music. I am fond of simple living, am in deep with my friends and absolutely love my family to pieces.

However you came, I am glad you’re here.


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