wow. it's been awhile. like years. no better time to resurrect this thing than with some thoughts on my favorite time of the year. that's right, advent season. (i'm not sure where my love affair with advent began, but we've been hot and heavy for a few years now and i don't see it stopping [...]



My little sister Hannah is 5 months pregnant right now with my already adorable niece, lyla ray. When we first found out she was pregnant, we were obviously thrilled and after we remotely came down from baby high, we all dove head first into the name game. And that’s always an interesting conversation. Not because you’re coming [...]

failures of kindness.

George Saunders recently delivered a really wonderful graduation speech at Syracuse University this year, and it was so great the New York Times recently published it. His speech had this wonderful balance or wisdom, intellect, and humor and what was most intriguing was how it centered around this one theme :: KINDNESS :: You can read the speech [...]

most assuredly.

I think we can all agree to experiencing feelings, at multiple points in life, where we’ve thought “this is definitely not how I pictured things panning out."   I’ll be turning 26 in a little over a month. *selah* I'm inching in, ever so fiercely, as someone you’d describe as “that girl with the brown hair [...]

in all things.

Gratitude is the main character trait of those with quality lives. Nothing is more attractive, more inspiring, and more contagious than those that live a life of thanks. Just reading that sentence im sure you can already think of several people in your life that fit such a description. They’re the people with the most [...]