inviting adventure: a book review

I grew up loving and thriving off of adventure and my imagination. I remember being 7 or 8 and adoring the National Geographic magazine. Maybe I couldn’t fully read every article but the photos were what I loved. I always thought about the people who got to take those pictures. What amazing adventures and stories [...]


from death to life: my friend’s story.

im so grateful for the response from my latest posts and series. i truly belive there is something unique and wonderful about connected to another's story. experiencing their journey through pain and disappoint, and hopefully their testimony of redemption and restoration in the end. im grateful to have shared a least a little piece of my puzzle with you, [...]

if you’re at your desk.

if you're at your desk for an extended period of time, like me, you get annoyed by your phone vibrating on your desk, or having to hold your phone to watch a video or switch music whilst needing to respond to an email at the same time. well i have found something just for US. it's [...]

Unveiled:a book you need to BUY!

My friend Heidi Kratzke just published and released an amazing tool for any writers out there. It's called "Unveiled: Writing prompts that reveal the heart of God" and it's brilliantly filled with everything from six-word stories to ongoing journal activities, famous quotes to intriguing photographs. This book provides hundreds of unique prompts to not only challenge you as a writer, but [...]

just in time.

for christmas... this morning i discovered the wonderful creation that is CanvasPop. a neat site that lets you transform your beloved Instragam photos into a 12x12 (or bigger) canvassed work of art. such a fun and personal way to decorate and would also be a great christmas present, i'd imagine. *hint hint* just in time for the holidays. be [...]

love, loss, and a life ahead.

Even in the midst of tragedy, Hope and Grace can still be found… constantly steady they are standing tall, with arms wide open – ready to heal the deep places of us. They’re ready to gently and kindly help put the pieces back together, not for it to look like what was, but to beautifully bind together [...]

summer hit list

reading is something that lingers in the back of my mind at all times. yet, I never make enough time for it when i know it's always beneficial for my heart and mind. so this summer I have a reading resolution... hopefully it wont pan out like most new years resolutions...  i could think of a million books i [...]